Increasing automatically hits on websites

Nice autosurf is an automatic visitors exchange between people around the world. The increase of hits on a website is the main goal, it's the perfect tool : website, blog, video, social media,...

How does the traffic exchange works ?

Add your website

Add your website on the traffix exchange and it will be reviewed automatically or manually by the team.

Visit websites

Visit people's websites and earn points in order to get visit or you can also buy them.

Get hits on your website

Get hits thank to the points put on your websites thank to the automatic viewbar by browser or by app.

Traffic exchange services

Free service

Each services from our traffic exchange are free, you just need point in order to use them thanks to the viewbar which allow you to earn point everyday by viewing members websites.

App viewer

An app viewer (or traffic exchange software) is available for Windows and allow to surf without problem, you will not be bloc because of adverts from websites. This is the next level of traffic exchange regular viewbar.

Banner rotator

You got referral banner or banner of you website? You can display them on the traffic exchange, they will be displayed randomly in our banner rotator.

Custom time length

A website can be display between 10 to 60 seconds to a visitor in the traffic exchange. Futhermore, you can define a random time length in order to simulate a natural visit instead of a fixed time like other traffic exchange also called autosurf.

Textual advert

Textuals adverts can be started on Nice Autosurf, they are displayed on our website in other to get lead. You can see how many click you got, it's the best lead campaign or referral link.

Buy hits

You can buy visit if you do not want or you do not have time to visit member's websites in order to earn free hits.